These pages are designed to provide information about the award-winning British television series Upstairs, Downstairs. They primarily concentrate on the classic series shown in the 1970s.

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Last major update: January 2015 – Filled in some missing TV Times listings – only Women shall not Weep left now (can anybody supply this – either from the original broadcasts or the late seventies ITV repeats?)

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The house 1
The house 2
Contact addresses
Odds and ends

Episode guide – classic series
(with Factfiles)

Series production credits

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Thomas & Sarah


Alphabetical episode list

Recurring characters list

Episode guide – new series

Series production credits

Season One
Season Two


Group shots
The pre-war years 1
The pre-war years 2
The pre-war years 3
The pre-war years 4
The war years 1
The war years 2
The post-war years 1
The post-war years 2
The post-war years 3
Love upstairs 1
Love upstairs 2
Love downstairs 1
Love downstairs 2
Miscellaneous 1
Miscellaneous 2
Miscellaneous 3
Miscellaneous 4
Miscellaneous 5
Artwork 1
Artwork 2

Out of costume

Before UpDown 1
Before UpDown 2
Before UpDown 3
During UpDown 1
During UpDown 2
After UpDown 1
After UpDown 2
After UpDown 3
After UpDown 4 – reunions

Behind the scenes

Shooting 1
Shooting 2
Shooting 3

Books and magazines

The backstory books



DVD reviews

UK (Network) season 1
UK (Network) 2 & 3
UK (Network) 4, 5 & T&S
US (Acorn) releases
US (older A&E) releases
German releases


Beacon Hill
– the ill-fated US attempt to copy UpDown

Interview with Richard Marson
– writer of a book on the show, and director of a documentary

Book review: Inside UpDown – The Story of Upstairs, Downstairs by Richard Marson

Comments / corrections etc.

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