Upstairs, Downstairs
Love downstairs 2

During one of Sarah's on/off stints at Eaton Place, she fell for the charms of the cunning Welsh chauffeur Thomas. In 1910, Sarah found herself pregnant again and the pair left Eaton Place to pursue Thomas' dream of opening a garage. However, soon they were reduced to taking odd jobs to make ends meet and landed themselves in a series of bizarre adventures. When Thomas set his heart on America, Sarah feigned pregnancy and tricked him into staying put, and the two then found themselves forced back into domestic service once again. Sarah fell for the charms of one of their employers – the idiosyncratic Richard De Brassey – but he died saving Thomas from a fire.

Rose met Gregory Wilmot, an Australian sheep farmer, during one of her afternoons off just before the war. He returned on leave in 1916 and the two were engaged – seeming to signal her future happiness and escape from service. Her joy was short-lived when, just a few months later, Gregory was reported killed in action. Rose was left a considerable amount of money in his will, but this was later lost when James Bellamy invested it in stocks and shares shortly before the Wall Street crash of 1929.

Edward first met Daisy in 1913 when she joined as under-houseparlourmaid. They enjoyed secret night-time liaisons in Edward's room before eventually marrying during one of Edward's leaves from the army during the war. Unusually for the time, the Bellamys allowed them to stay on in service as husband and wife. After the war, they set up home by themselves but fell on hard times and returned to Eaton Place. In 1930, when the house was sold off, they went to work for Georgina and her new husband as butler and head housemaid.

Hudson briefly fell in love with the young parlourmaid Lily in 1924 – she having mistaken his interest in her as a fatherlike affection. Not wishing to to hurt him, she slipped quietly away from Eaton Place.

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