Upstairs, Downstairs
Contact addresses

I get asked many time for the addresses of the various Upstairs, Downstairs stars so that people can write to them. The addresses given below are, in the main, the current UK agents of the performers and all mail should (in theory) be passed back to the actor in question. Whether the actor chooses to respond to you is another matter... As a general rule, the busier the artist, the less chance of a reply.

This also lists the cast members who have sadly died in the intervening years, and causes of death where known.

Please note that, if the address isn't here, I don't have it!

John Alderton (THOMAS):


Angela Baddeley ("MRS" BRIDGES):
Dec'd: February 1976 (influenza/pneumonia)

Christopher Beeny (EDWARD):
Dec'd: January 2020

Joan Benham (LADY PRUDENCE):
Dec'd: June 1981

Pauline Collins (SARAH):

Evin Crowley (EMILY):

Karen Dotrice (LILY):

Lesley-Anne Down (GEORGINA):

Hannah Gordon (VIRGINIA):

Rachel Gurney (LADY MARJORIE):
Dec'd: November 2001 (Parkinson's disease)

John Hawkesworth (producer & co-creator):
Dec'd: September 2003

Gareth Hunt (FREDERICK):
Dec'd: March 2007 (pancreatic cancer)

Raymond Huntley (SIR GEOFFREY DILLON):
Dec'd: October 1990 (some sources say June 1990)

George Innes (ALFRED):

Gordon Jackson (MR HUDSON):
Dec'd: January 1990 (bone cancer)

David Langton (RICHARD):
Dec'd: April 1994 (heart attack)

Jean Marsh (ROSE & co-creator):


Meg Wynn Owen (HAZEL):
Dec'd: June or July 2022 (dementia)

Nicola Pagett (ELIZABETH):
Dec'd: March 2021 (brain tumour)

Alfred Shaughnessy (script editor and co-creator):
Dec'd: November 2005 (stroke)

Patsy Smart (MISS ROBERTS):
Dec'd: February 1996

Jenny Tomasin (RUBY):
Dec'd: January 2012 (hypertensive heart disease)

Jacqueline Tong (DAISY):

Simon Williams (JAMES):