Upstairs, Downstairs
Series production credits

The credits at the end of each Upstairs, Downstairs episode were brief and missed out many important contributors to the show. To redress the balance, he is a somewhat more complete list of technical credits:

Make-Up Supervisors: Heather Brittain, Wendy Liley
Lighting Directors: Brian Love, Trevor Saunders, Teddy Shankster, Bert Wilkins
Assistant Costume Designers: Vera Hodges, Lindsay Ray, Alyson Ritchie, Graham Williams
Costume Designer: Sheila Jackson
Stage Managers/ASMs: Lees Borland, Bill Challoner, William Dalling, Clare Daley, Christine Drummond, Anthony George, Graham Hooson, Bob Henry, Jenny Leich, Michael Longmire, Michael Mollan, Nicholas Prosser, Laurie Rook, Lee Rowe, Molly Sommerville, Judith Spearman, Rod Vickers, Kenneth Ward
Productions Assistants: Xenia Ager, Joanna Bond, Pat Bush, Jeanette Childs, Thea Harvey, Sally Hunt, Margaret Jordan, Erika Klausner, Geraldine Lawton, Jane Lloyd, Vicki Miller, Rima Neave, June Phillips, Valerie Unwin, Paula Westborough
Publicity: Andrew Jackson
Producer's Secretaries: Anne Clements, Lavinia Warner
Unit Manager: Stella Ashley
Graphics: Terry Griffiths, Rosie Guest
Title Drawings from PUNCH
Casting: Martin Case
Music: Alexander Faris
Script Editor: Alfred Shaughnessy
Executive Producer: Rex Firkin
Producer: John Hawkesworth

Series created by Sagitta Productions Ltd in association with Eileen Atkins & Jean Marsh

A London Weekend Television Production