Upstairs, Downstairs
New series, Season Two

Regular cast: Keeley Hawes (Lady Agnes Holland), Neil Jackson (Harry Spargo), Ed Stoppard (Sir Hallam Holland), Blake Ritson (The Duke of Kent), Art Malik (Mr Amanjit Singh), Adrian Scarborough (Mr Warwick Pritchard), Nico Mirallegro (Johnny Proude), Anne Reid (Mrs Clarice Thackeray), Ami Metcalf (Eunice McCabe), Laura Haddock (Beryl Ballard), Claire Foy (Lady Persephone Towyn), Alex Kingston (Dr Blanche Mottershead), Ken Bones (Lord Halifax), Sarah Gordy (Pamela Holland), Michael Landes (Caspar Landry), Jemma Churchill (Nanny Lyons), Alexia James (Lotte Perlmutter), Lucy Cohu (Mrs Sylvia Fuller), Jean Marsh (Mrs Rose Buck), Peter Stark (Friedrich Erlichman), Sarah Lancashire (Miss Whisset)

A Faraway Country About Which We Know Nothing
n2.1 (4)
UK: 19th February 2012
US: 7th October 2012

It is now September 1938. Sir Hallam is anxious about affairs in Germany and determines to persuade those in power that Hitler can't be contained. But when he is met with short shrift from his superiors and sees his wife's concern over what the possibility of another war might mean for their young family, Hallam is forced to consider whether his approach is the right one... and when he meets an unexpected face in Germany he begins to question more than his political beliefs.

Downstairs, with Rose taken ill with TB, the staff welcome spirited new maid Beryl, who catches Harry's eye. But Beryl struggles to adjust to life in service and has greater ambitions.

Back at Eaton Place, Sir Hallam's wife Lady Agnes is extremely frail after giving birth to their second child, but returns to 165 to support her husband. After the death of Hallam's mother, Lady Holland, the couple are playing host to Dr Blanche Mottershead, Hallam's aunt, who continues to make herself comfortable at 165 some weeks after the funeral, much to Sir Hallam and Mr Amanjit's dismay.

Lady Agnes, however, is grateful for the support Blanche lends in such uncertain times. But, despite Blanche's support, Lady Agnes remains anxious about the safety of her family and her worries set off a chain of events which leads to a startling revelation about Mr Pritchard...

Writer: Heidi Thomas
Director: Marc Jobst
Regular cast: Lady Agnes Holland, Harry Spargo, Sir Hallam Holland, The Duke of Kent, Mr Amanjit Singh, Mr Warwick Pritchard, Johnny Proude, Mrs Clarice Thackeray, Eunice McCabe, Beryl Ballard, Dr Blanche Mottershead, Nanny Lyons, Pamela Holland, Lord Halifax, Lady Persephone Towyn
Guest cast: Kenneth Cranham (Sergeant Ashworth), Nicolas Chagrin (The Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain)

The Love That Pays The Price
n2.2 (5)
UK: 26th February 2012
US: 14th October 2012

After being told she can have no more children, Lady Agnes distracts herself by throwing a dinner party for the Kennedys.

During the evening, she catches the eye of charismatic multimillionaire Caspar Landry, a guest at the party, who is instantly won over by her kindness. Sir Hallam and Lady Agnes are thrilled when he is offered a job in America but their reverie is short-lived when the horrors of Kristallnacht hit 165.

Determined to help the Jewish children trapped in Germany, Hallam works with Mr Amanjit in beginning to coordinate a rescue effort, but the sheer administrative challenge of such a heartbreaking cause is overwhelming and Mr Amanjit is forced to consider his differences with Blanche in an attempt to save the children...

After a frantic call from Lady Persie, Lady Agnes also pleads with Hallam to help her sister return safely to London. Lady Agnes, too, strives to help the refugees, persuading Caspar Landry to donate to the cause. Charmed by Lady Agnes, he obliges, and Agnes is filled with a renewed sense of confidence in her abilities.

Downstairs, Mrs Thackeray is thrilled to re-establish contact with her only nephew and when she and Mr Pritchard continue to lock horns, resigns. But Mrs Thackeray finds it tough to settle into life away from Eaton Place. Mr Pritchard, meanwhile, struggles to run the house in her absence...

Writer: Heidi Thomas
Director: Marc Jobst
Regular cast: Lady Agnes Holland, Harry Spargo, Beryl Ballard, Sir Hallam Holland, Lady Persephone Towyn, Nanny Lyons, Johnny Proude, Dr Blanche Mottershead, Mr Amanjit Singh, Mrs Clarice Thackeray, Eunice McCabe, Mr Warwick Pritchard, Caspar Landry*, The Duke of Kent, Lotte Perlmutter, Mrs Sylvia Fuller, Lord Halifax
Guest cast: Ian Barritt (Dr Gascoine), Tom Bennett (Tommy Soaper), Niamh McGrady (Enid Soaper), Joseph Howse (Cyril Soaper), William Hope (Ambassador Kennedy), Nancy Crane (Mrs Rose Kennedy), Robbie Jarvis-Dean (Jack Kennedy), Timo Willman (Hitler Youth), Miles Richardson (David Silverman) [Uncredited: Natalie Danks-Smith (Duchess of Kent)]

* Michael Landes' name is misspelled "Micheal" on the opening titles.

A Perfect Specimen Of Womanhood
n2.3 (6)
UK: 4th March 2012
US: 21st October 2012

When a scandalous novel is published by the beautiful Lady Portia Alersford, Blanche's unconventional lifestyle is exposed.

The reaction both upstairs and down inside 165 Eaton Place is mixed, although Blanche remains defiant amidst the controversy. Portia offers Blanche refuge from the storm – but as both happy and sad memories from their shared past stir within her, Blanche remains conflicted.

Downstairs, Beryl is perturbed when her household duties are swapped with Eunice's. As the workload takes its toll on the younger maid she decides to take a stand – but her actions have far-reaching consequences that shake the very foundations of what being a servant means inside 165 Eaton Place. Luckily an old face is on hand to offer some welcome and wise words...

As Sir Hallam prepares for another round of negotiations in Germany, Lady Persie drops a bombshell of her own, swearing Sir Hallam to secrecy. But when his efforts to help his sister-in-law prove fruitless, Lady Persie takes matters into her own hands, with dangerous consequences for all concerned.

Writer: Heidi Thomas
Director: Anthony Byrne
Regular cast: Beryl Ballard, Eunice McCabe, Sir Hallam Holland, Johnny Proude, Lady Agnes Holland, Dr Blanche Mottershead, Lady Persephone Towyn, Mrs Clarice Thackeray, Mr Warwick Pritchard, Mr Amanjit Singh, The Duke of Kent, Harry Spargo, Mrs Rose Buck, Friedrich Erlichman, Pamela Holland
Guest cast: Emilia Fox (Lady Portia Alresford), Hermione Gulliford (Lavinia Godfrey), Brid Brennan (Miss Poulson)

All The Things You Are
n2.4 (7)
UK: 11th March 2012
US: 28th October 2012

Determined to impress Beryl, Harry signs up to the local boxing championships and, when he is told he is too old, recruits Johnny to keep his dream of winning Beryl over alive. However, after seeing Johnny receive his call-up letter, he grows to want to prepare Johnny for war by teaching him the skills he needs to survive.

Upstairs, as the distance between she and Sir Hallam grows, Lady Agnes finds herself drawn to Caspar Landry, with whom she finds she has a deep connection. Sir Hallam, meanwhile, is distracted by the looming war and his growing desire for another woman but when he gets a very public reminder of Agnes' independence, an explosive, and very public, confrontation ensues... and Sir Hallam makes a decision that will change his life forever.

Meanwhile, when Mr Amanjit's blossoming friendship with Mrs Fuller falls foul to racial discrimination, he calls into question, not only their relationship, but also his position inside 165 Eaton Place.

Writer: Steve Thompson
Director: Brendan Maher
Regular cast: Beryl Ballard, Johnny Proude, Mrs Clarice Thackeray, Harry Spargo, Eunice McCabe, Mr Warwick Pritchard, Mr Amanjit Singh, Dr Blanche Mottershead, Sir Hallam Holland, Lady Agnes Holland, Lady Persephone Towyn, Caspar Landry*, Mrs Sylvia Fuller, Lotte Perlmutter, The Duke of Kent
Guest cast: Neal Barry (Arthur Wilson), Scott Haran (Teddy Skinner), Laurence Kennedy (Tea Shop Manager), Mia Nadasi (Miss Glinka), Daniel Percival (Lord Coleman), Nason Crone (New Opponent), Simon Wright (Earl Stanhope), Jimmy Johnston (Singer on Pier), Ross Gurney-Randall (Boxing Referee), Sam Pomphrey (Micky Flanagan)

* Michael Landes' name is misspelled "Micheal" on the opening titles.

The Last Waltz
n2.5 (8)
UK: 18th March 2012
US: 4th November 2012

When Mr Pritchard receives an invitation to act as servants' representative for the up and coming servants' ball, he meets fellow representative Miss Whisset and a surprising courtship ensues. As the friendship deepens an engagement seems imminent...

Upstairs, the cracks in the Holland's marriage deepen and Lady Agnes decides to take some time away from 165 Eaton Place. His wife's absence throws Sir Hallam into turmoil and he becomes increasingly reckless, unaware that his misdemeanours are becoming more and more evident to those around him.

But when Sir Hallam is confronted with the reality of his behaviour he begins to question whether his actions have had more sinister consequences...

Meanwhile, Beryl and Harry's relationship flourishes and the pair plan to start an exciting new life together until Harry's past causes Beryl to reconsider their future... and causes Harry to resort to desperate measures.

Writer: Debbie O'Malley
Director: Brendan Maher
Regular cast: Mr Warwick Pritchard, Sir Hallam Holland, Lady Persephone Towyn, Lady Agnes Holland, Harry Spargo, Eunice McCabe, Mrs Clarice Thackeray, Johnny Proude, Beryl Ballard, Mr Amanjit Singh, Miss Whisset, Lord Halifax, The Duke of Kent
Guest cast: Selina Cadell (Lady Malcolm), Buffy Davis (Female Immigration Clerk)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
n2.6 (9)
UK: 25th March 2012
US: 11th October 2012

Lady Agnes returns home determined to heal the rift in her marriage.

Sir Hallam, too, is desperate to make amends and does all in his power to rectify his personal and professional mistakes. But a shocking revelation leaves the pair reeling – and a cataclysmic turn of events changes the landscape of 165 Eaton Place forever...

Downstairs, as war approaches, Harry and Beryl face a ticking clock to get their affairs in order.

Meanwhile, after his behaviour the previous evening, Mr Pritchard leaves 165 Eaton Place in shame and Johnny is left to run the household. But when Mr Prichard's absence becomes more prolonged the house is thrown in to chaos and Johnny seeks counsel from a familiar face.

Writer: Heidi Thomas
Director: Anthony Byrne
Regular cast: Mr Warwick Pritchard, Lady Agnes Holland, Caspar Landry*, Sir Hallam Holland, Lady Persephone Towyn, The Duke of Kent, Harry Spargo, Beryl Ballard, Miss Whisset, Johnny Proude, Eunice McCabe, Lord Halifax, Dr Blanche Mottershead, Mrs Clarice Thackeray, Mr Amanjit Singh, Pamela Holland, Mrs Rose Buck, Friedrich Erlichman
Guest cast: Steven Elder (Hadleigh), David Phelan (Registrar), James Staddon (Armed Forces Doctor) [Uncredited: Matt Hookings (Waiter)]

* Michael Landes' name is misspelled "Micheal" on the opening titles.

Claire Foy, Ed Stoppard and Eileen Atkins tackle a crossword between shots during shooting for the first season.

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