Upstairs, Downstairs
Episode list

Names in brackets are uncredited on the episode's titles. In addition to the listed writer/s, it should be assumed that the script editor, Alfred Shaughnessy, also had story input into each episode to a greater or lesser extent. Shaughnessy's own scripts were edited by John Hawkesworth, the producer.

Title Ep. No. UK tx Date Writer/s Director
Alberto5.11 (63) 16/11/75Alfred ShaughnessyChristopher Hodson
All the King's Horses 5.15 (67)14/12/75Jeremy Paul Simon Langton
Alma MaterT&S6 18/2/79Alick RoweDavid Askey
Another Year4.9 (48) 9/11/74Alfred ShaughnessyCyril Coke
Beastly Hun, The4.3 (42) 28/9/74Jeremy PaulBill Bain
Birds Of A FeatherT&S1 14/1/79Terence Brady and Charlotte BinghamChristopher Hodson
Biters Bit, TheT&S3 28/1/79Terence Brady and Charlotte BinghamDavid Askey
Board Wages1.3 (3) 24/10/71Terence Brady and Charlotte Bingham Derek Bennett
Bolter, The3.8 (34) 15/12/73John HawkesworthCyril Coke
Change of Scene, A3.3 (29)10/11/73Rosemary Anne SissonBill Bain
Cry for Help, A1.6 (6) 14/11/71Julian BondDerek Bennett
Day At The Metropole, A T&S725/2/79Jeremy Paul David Askey
Desirous of Change3.6 (32)1/12/73Fay WeldonLionel Harris
Disillusion5.7 (59) 19/10/75Alfred ShaughnessyBill Bain
Distant Thunder3.12 (38) 12/1/74Alfred ShaughnessyBill Bain
Facing Fearful Odds4.12 (51)30/11/74John HawkesworthRaymond Menmuir
Family Gathering, A2.13 (26)19/1/73Alfred ShaughnessyRaymond Menmuir
Family Secret, A3.4 (30) 17/11/73Alfred ShaughnessyDerek Bennett
For Love of Love1.13 (13)5/3/72Rosemary Anne SissonHerbert Wise
Fruits of Love, The2.11 (24)5/1/73John HawkesworthChristopher Hodson
Glorious Dead, The4.8 (47)2/11/74[Alfred Shaughnessy and] Elizabeth Jane Howard Raymond Menmuir
Goodwill to All Men 3.9 (35)22/12/73[Alfred Shaughnessy and] Deborah Mortimer Christopher Hodson
Guest of Honour2.5 (18) 17/11/72Alfred ShaughnessyBill Bain
Hero's Farewell, The 4.10 (49)16/11/74Rosemary Anne SissonBill Bain
Home Fires4.6 (45) 19/10/74Jeremy PaulBill Bain
House Divided, A3.2 (28) 3/11/73Rosemary Anne SissonChristopher Hodson
I Dies from Love1.8 (8)30/1/72Terence Brady and Charlotte Bingham Raymond Menmuir
If You Were The Only Girl In The World 4.7 (46)26/10/74John Hawkesworth Raymond Menmuir
Joke Over5.13 (65) 30/11/75Rosemary Anne SissonBill Bain
Joy Ride, The5.4 (56) 28/9/75Alfred ShaughnessyBill Bain
Key of the Door, The 1.12 (12)27/2/72John Hawkesworth and Alfred Shaughnessy [and Fay Weldon]Raymond Menmuir
Laugh a Little Louder Please 5.3 (55)21/9/75Rosemary Anne Sisson Derek Bennett
Love Into Three Won't Go T&S138/4/79Terence Brady and Charlotte BinghamChristopher Hodson
Made In HeavenT&S5 11/2/79Anthony SkeneJohn Davies
Magic Casements1.7 (7) 23/1/72John HawkesworthJoan Kemp-Welch
Married Love2.3 (16) 4/11/72John HarrisonRaymond Menmuir
Miss Forrest3.1 (27) 27/10/73Alfred ShaughnessyBill Bain
Missing Believed Killed 4.11 (50)23/11/74Jeremy Paul Christopher Hodson
Mistress and the Maids, The 1.2 (2)17/10/71[Alfred Shaughnessy and Maureen Duffy]Derek Bennett
New Man, The2.1 (14) 21/10/72Rosemary Anne SissonRaymond Menmuir
New Rich, TheT&S12 1/4/79Anthony SkeneJohn Davies
News from the Front 4.2 (41)21/9/74John HawkesworthDerek Bennett
Nine Days Wonder, The 5.9 (61)2/11/75Jeremy Paul Simon Langton
Noblesse Oblige5.14 (66) 7/12/75John HawkesworthCyril Coke
Object of Value, An2.9 (22)15/12/72Jeremy PaulRaymond Menmuir
Old Flame, An5.6 (58) 12/10/75John HawkesworthDerek Bennett
On Trial1.1 (1) 10/10/71[Alfred Shaughnessy and] Fay Weldon [and Rex Firkin] Raymond Menmuir [and Derek Bennett]
On With the Dance5.1 (53)7/9/75Alfred ShaughnessyBill Bain
Out of the Everywhere 2.8 (21)8/12/72Terence Brady and Charlotte BinghamChristopher Hodson
Pair of Exiles, A2.2 (15)28/10/72Alfred ShaughnessyCyril Coke
Path of Duty, The1.4 (4)31/10/71John HarrisonJoan Kemp-Welch
Patriotic Offering, A 4.1 (40)14/9/74Rosemary Anne SissonDerek Bennett
Peace out of Pain4.13 (52)7/12/74Alfred ShaughnessyChristopher Hodson
Perfect Stranger, A3.11 (37)5/1/74Jeremy PaulChristopher Hodson
Place in the World, A 5.2 (54)14/9/75Jeremy Paul Christopher Hodson
Poor Young Widow Of Peckham, The T&S84/3/79Jeremy Paul Marek Kanievska
Property of a Lady, The 2.6 (19)24/11/72[Alfred Shaughnessy and Peter Wildeblood]Derek Bennett
Putting On The Ritz T&S1125/3/79Terence Brady and Charlotte Bingham Marek Kanievska
Return To GethynT&S10 18/3/79Angharad LloydChristopher Hodson
Rose's Pigeon3.5 (31) 24/11/73Jeremy PaulBill Bain
Silver Ghost, TheT&S2 21/1/79Alfred ShaughnessyJohn Davies
Special Mischief, A2.10 (23)29/12/72Anthony SkeneRaymond Menmuir
Such A Lovely Man5.8 (60)26/10/75Rosemary Anne SissonChristopher Hodson
Sudden Storm, The3.13 (39)19/1/74John HawkesworthBill Bain
Suitable Marriage, A 1.5 (5)7/11/71Jeremy Paul [and Joan Kemp-Welch] Joan Kemp-Welch
Swedish Tiger, The1.11 (11)20/2/72Raymond BowersBrian Parker
There Is A Happy Land T&S911/3/79Terence Brady and Charlotte BinghamDavid Askey
Tug of War4.5 (44) 12/10/74Rosemary Anne SissonDerek Bennett
Understudy, The5.10 (62) 9/11/75Jeremy PaulJames Ormerod
Vanishing Lady, TheT&S4 4/2/79Jeremy PaulChristopher Hodson
Voice from the Past, A 1.10 (10)13/2/72Jeremy Paul Raymond Menmuir
Wages of Sin, The2.12 (25)12/1/73Anthony SkeneChristopher Hodson
Wanted – a Good Home 5.5 (57)5/10/75John Hawkesworth Christopher Hodson
What the Footman Saw 3.10 (36)29/12/73Jeremy Paul Cyril Coke
Whither Shall I Wander? 5.16 (68)21/12/75John Hawkesworth Bill Bain
Whom God hath Joined... 2.4 (17)10/11/72Jeremy Paul Bill Bain
Why is Her Door Locked? 1.9 (9)6/2/72Alfred Shaughnessy Brian Parker
Will Ye No Come Back Again 5.12 (64)23/11/75Rosemary Anne Sisson Bill Bain
Women shall not Weep 4.4 (43)5/10/74Alfred Shaughnessy Christopher Hodson
Word of Honour3.7 (33) 8/12/73Anthony SkeneChristopher Hodson
Your Obedient Servant 2.7 (20)1/12/72Fay Weldon Derek Bennett