Upstairs, Downstairs

Here are some links to other web resources. This list isn't meant to be exhaustive but only really concentrates on sites which add something to what is already on my site.

Upstairs, Downstairs Wikipedia entry for the classic show
The Wikipedia is an attempt to create a huge global online encyclopaedia, with experts all coming together to write articles in their own areas of expertise. Our favourite show now has a very nice entry, with lots of details of characters and backgrounds which are not dealt with on this site. Worth a click.

Upstairs, Downstairs Wikipedia entry for the new show
Wikipedia entry for the new version of Upstairs, Downstairs.

Internet Movie Database

Here is a movie on Youtube where somebody walks down Eaton Place to revisit her childhood home. She is walking down the south side of the street (whereas 65 is on the north) but you get the general idea. She also walks into Eaton Mews North (shown in The Property of a Lady).

You can also "drive" past 65 in Google Maps.

You can also drive past LWT, where most of the show was made.