Upstairs, Downstairs

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Here is the clip of the alternative "Sarah leaves" scene from the version of On Trial intended for use by broadcasters who are going to omit the black and white episodes two through six (in these, she left at the end of episode three, Board Wages). In the US, although this would have been the version shown by PBS originally, most later showings (and video/DVD releases) included the black and whites and therefore used the normal version of On Trial (which has a longer version of the bed-time chat between Sarah and Rose).
Alistair Cooke's links for the special three-hour Upstairs, Downstairs evening to celebrate 20 years of PBS' Masterpiece Theatre on 13/1/91. Link #1 – Guest of Honour.
Ditto. Alistair Cooke Link #2 – Such A Lovely Man.
Ditto. Alistair Cooke Link #3 – All the King's Horses.
Ditto. Alistair Cooke Link #4 – final comments.
A selection of Pauline Collins' intros for WNYC's showings of the "lost" episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs in the late 1980s. The Mistress and the Maids.
Ditto. Pauline Collins intro – The Path of Duty.
Ditto. Pauline Collins intro – The Property of a Lady.
Introduction to Richard's Upstairs, Downstairs Remembered documentary in 1996.
Trailer for LWT's repeats of 1996, including an advert for an UpDown booklet.
Introduction to On Trial in the LWT repeats of 1996.
Frank Muir talks about the first episode for TV Heaven in 1992 (although the anecdote he relates applies to the lost black-and-white version of On Trial, rather than the usual colour version). The clip includes the famous LWT ribbons and jingle. (Channel 4 7/3/92).
The irreverent UpDown segment from The Top 10 TV Families documentary (Channel 4 26/12/01), narrated by Linda Robson (Nelly in The New Rich).
Simon Williams talks about the episode A Change of Scene for the That Was The Week We Watched documentary, narrated by Simon Pegg, transmitted Boxing Day 2003.
Jean Marsh and Michael Grade (who worked under Cyril Bennett at LWT when he joined in 1973) talk about the genesis of UpDown for The Story Of ITV: The People's Channel, narrated by Melvyn Bragg. (ITV1 3/7/05).
Jean Marsh and Simon Williams appear on The Paul O'Grady Show to publicise Network's new DVD releases (ITV1 27/9/05).
A blooper featuring Pauline Collins failing to open a bottle of beer in The Poor Young Widow of Peckham. Taken from It'll Be Alright On The Night 2 (LWT 28/10/79).
The cast reunite to celebrate 60 years of the BAFTA awards. The first time John Alderton and Pauline Collins have joined in such a reunion in almost 20 years! (Happy Birthday BAFTA, ITV1 7/11/07).
A chap named Les Morrell entered the UK TV series Mastermind (BBC2 3/3/08). For those that don't know, this is regarded as TV's hardest quiz show. His specialised subject was Upstairs, Downstairs! The movie here shows how he fared. You can download the set of questions (and answers, in .pdf format) to try yourself. To answer under Mastermind-style conditions, you should allow yourself no longer than about two minutes 10 seconds. Before the show was recorded, I also did Les a practice set of questions.
The opening section of Pauline Collins' This Is Your Life from 5/4/72 (Thames). The presenter is the late Eamonn Andrews.
A 1974 feature from Finnish television. This includes behind-the-scenes footage from the shooting of A Patriotic Offering on 3/4/74, and an interview with Jean Marsh and Gordon Jackson on the LWT terrace overlooking the Thames.
An extract from The Unforgettable: Gordon Jackson from 30/5/12 (ITV) with contributions from Jean Marsh, Pauline Collins, John Alderton, Simon Williams, Anthony Andrews, and Charlotte Bingham and Terence Brady.
Norwegian TV commercial for Evergood coffee from 1977. Gordon Jackson, Rachel Gurney and David Langton all reprise their roles. (Thanks to Erick for the tip off, and Dag Ipad for posting. Original link: