Upstairs, Downstairs
The post-war years 3

Inevitably, the Hollywood "dream machine" cast its spell over Georgina and she jumped at the chance to appear in a film. But her moment of stardom was as brief as her revealing costume. Finding her co-star to be none other than Frederick, the Bellamys' footman, James snatched Georgina from the set and returned her to a shocked Eaton Place.

Hudson revisits his native Scotland in Will Ye No Come Back Again.

The penultimate episode, All the King's Men, introduced a new maid, Mary. Writer Jeremy Paul annotated his script with comments about Mary, such as: "a vision and copy of Sarah" and "Ghosts ... another apparition". Sadly this idea of a "spectre" of Sarah – a reminder of James' failed relationship – didn't end up translating to the screen very well.

James never lived up to his father's expectations. The two of them living under the same roof was a recipe for trouble, and arguments were frequent and bitter. After the war their relationship got even worse, with Virginia often trying to pour oil on the troubled waters. It's no surprise that their last words ever to one another were hurtful ones.

After James' suicide, it was obvious that Eaton Place, with all its contents, would have to be sold to meet James' creditors. Georgina was beginning a new life with her husband, the Marquis of Stockbridge, and asked Edward and Daisy if they would like to become their butler and housemaid in the country. Richard and Virginia moved to a smaller and cheaper house in Dorset, taking Rose with them as Virginia's lady's maid. Mr Hudson and Mrs Bridges slipped away for a quiet register-office wedding before resettling in Hastings to begin a new life running a guest house. Seeing that she had little future, they took Ruby with them as "general help".

One of the final moments of the series. Rose wanders through the empty house, remembering the many past events to have happened between its walls.

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