Upstairs, Downstairs
The pre-war years 2

Mrs Bridges with the baby she stole in Why is Her Door Locked? Richard tried unsuccessfully to circumvent the police by returning the baby to the parents himself and offering a bribe to try to secure their silence.

Rose built up a close friendship with the Bellamy's daughter Elizabeth, putting aside the usual servant/master formalities, though Elizabeth's unconventional behaviour often shocked Rose. Here Rose hastily finds her something to wear after Elizabeth takes to sleeping in the nude!

Elizabeth and Richard at Elizabeth's wedding to the poet Lawrence Kirbridge.

Elizabeth with her "faithful handmaiden" Rose whilst living in Greenwich. Note the statuette on the right which was to play a part in the episode Married Love.

During their brief time at Greenwich, Elizabeth conspired with the valet Thomas to persuade her husband Lawrence to buy a car. Elizabeth's first driving lesson ended with a wild ride through the countryside with the car out of control!

Oh, what are we going to do with Uncle Arthur?
A blinking stallion, is Uncle Arthur.
When he goes a-strolling in the park,
Watch your step, girls, especially after dark.
Any old skirt's a flirt for Uncle Arthur,
He's over eighty, but how he can run!
"Give us a kiss, my dear," he'd say,
And tickle you on the boom-di-ay,
And say it was just a harmless bit,
A nice bruise on you, where you sit,
A "Let me go, Uncle Arthur" kind of fun.

Pauline Collins as Sarah. The role was originally intended for co-creator Eileen Atkins who had to pull out of the series due to prior stage commitments.

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