Upstairs, Downstairs
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The were few outward signs of the affection between Hudson and "Mrs" Bridges other than the use of Christian names – Angus and Kate – when out of earshot of the other servants. Nevertheless, when Mrs Bridges appeared before a court in 1907 charged with kidnapping a baby, it was Hudson's promise to marry and care for her that got her off with a light punishment. The marriage was ultimately deferred until 1930 when the two married quietly at a register office just before moving to begin a new life running a seaside boarding house.

While employed at 165 in 1908, maid Sarah fell for the charms of Thorkil Kraft, valet to a Swedish acquaintance of James, Captain Ryttsen. Initially convinced she was helping Kraft to surreptitiously steal valuable antiques from number 165, she was double-crossed by Kraft and Ryttsen who fled and left Sarah to explain things to the police. She was fined by a court and sacked from the Bellamy household but later returned to their employ after she miscarried James Bellamy's child.

During one of Sarah's on/off stints at Eaton Place, she fell for the charms of the cunning Welsh chauffeur Thomas. In 1910, Sarah found herself pregnant for a second time – this time by Thomas – and the pair left Eaton Place to pursue Thomas' dream of opening a garage.

After leaving 165, Thomas and Sarah were reduced to taking odd jobs to make ends meet and landed themselves in a series of bizarre adventures as depicted in the 1979 UD spin-off show, Thomas & Sarah. The new show covered the duo's adventures through to 1913. In 1912, when Thomas set his heart on America, Sarah feigned pregnancy and tricked him into staying put, and the two eventually found themselves forced back into domestic service once again. Sarah fell for the charms of their new employer – the idiosyncratic Richard De Brassey – but he died saving Thomas from a fire.

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