Upstairs, Downstairs
Love upstairs 2

During her rocky marriage to James, Hazel had an affair with a glum young Flying Corps officer, Jack Dyson. He went back to war... and his death.

James and Georgina survey war graves in France in 1916. Although she called him Jumbo and he playfully spanked her with newspapers, James' true feelings towards his stepcousin were never far below the surface.

Lady Diana Russell and James were childhood friends. Later, she married Bunny Newbury, one of James' oldest friends from the army. In the spring of 1923, bored in her marriage, she and James had a brief affair after meeting secretly at a country cottage. Finding out about this, Bunny agreed to divorce her provided that James would marry her and make her happy. However, James, drained by the war, was unsure and declined, thinking there was little he had left to bring to the relationship, and, in any case, his affections now lay more in the direction of his father's ward, Georgina.
(NB In the first shot, the hair on Celia Bannerman seems to have been pasted on afterwards! At a guess, originally she didn't have her Diana Newbury wig on when this was taken – TV dress rehearsals were often done in incomplete costumes.)

Virginia Hamilton was Richard Bellamy's second wife. They met during the war when she asked him to intervene to save her son from a court martial. Her two children from her first marriage, Alice and William, later moved into Eaton Place. In 1921, anxiety gripped Richard when James took Virginia for an aeroplane ride and both were reported missing. They later returned safely having been lost in fog.

In 1929, after many beaus, Georgina eventually decided to marry the aristocratic Robert, Marquis of Stockbridge. His mother thought he was marrying beneath himself and sent him off for a year to cool down. However, during this sabbatical his affections stayed firm, and the couple wed in 1930.

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