Upstairs, Downstairs
Miscellaneous 2

In his political life, Richard Bellamy MP often found difficulty remaining true to his own, increasingly Liberal beliefs while also trying to appease Lady Marjorie's family with their strictly Conservative views. After Lady Marjorie's death, he found himself with financial difficulties but refused an offer of help from her family because there were political strings attached.

A publicity portrait for the TV Times – Christmas 1973.

A portrait of the Bellamy's long-serving housemaid, Rose.

A publicity portrait of Pauline Collins during her very first day playing Sarah – 30th October 1970.

Ruby: Trouble is... milk's gone off.
Mrs Bridges: What?!?
Ruby: Well it's gone off on account of t'weather being so close and milkman not delivering.
Mrs Bridges: It's gone off because you forgot to put it in the cooler again! Now don't start to argue with me – I saw it with me very eyes.
Ruby: But that was Friday, Mrs Bridges.
Mrs Bridges: It was today as well. I don't think I've ever met a more stupider girl than you, Ruby. You never listen – it goes in one ear, out of the other. And look at you! Just look at you! Torn stockings, dirty hands...
Ruby: I fell over on backstairs, Mrs Bridges.
Mrs Bridges: "Fell over"?! One day you'll fall and break your neck... and good riddance!

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