Upstairs, Downstairs
Miscellaneous 3

A publicity shot of Jean Marsh (Rose) with Anne Yarker (Alice Hamilton).

Richard dressed for a night at the opera.

Rose prepares breakfast in the kitchen.

A portrait of James Bellamy, played by Simon Williams.

Mr Hudson making sure his master is properly attired.

Angela Baddeley as Mrs Bridges (also Arthur Brough as Mr Stallinbrass). Angela was a good cook off-screen as well as on, and would often bring in treats for the rest of the cast.

Jane Carr as Joan. Jane appeared in two episodes (The Wages of Sin and A Family Gathering). She was cast for the former at short notice when Chris Beeny (Edward) was involved in a near-fatal motorbike accident and was unable to attend the VTR. Jane thus missed all the outside rehearsals for the episode and only had a few hours to learn her lines.
Joan is one of those servants at 165 which tend to get forgotten about. Leading us to... Quiz time! Name all the members of downstairs staff we ever see in the show. Roll your mouse over this brown patch to see the answer: Sarah, Rose, Mrs Bridges, Mr Hudson, Emily, Miss Roberts, Alfred, Pearce, Edward, Mary (#1), Doris, Alice, Nelly, Ruby, Thomas Watkins, Brenda, Violet, Nanny Webster, Joan, Gwyneth, Daisy, Mrs Ganton, Lily, Frederick, Miss Treadwell, Mabel, Mary (#2). Hope I haven't missed any!

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